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We offer a variety of group fitness classes in Windsor, CO led by fun and motivating instructors, as well as multiple members-only and community fitness events throughout the year. Please note: our offerings have temporarily changed due to COVID-19. Read more here about how we are keeping our community safe, and visit our online scheduler in Mindbody or our Brickhouse Functional Fitness App for our current class schedule.

Brick Fit Fitness Class

Brick Fit

Brick Fit is an incredible full-body cardio and strength workout. Every class is designed by the instructor and is different every time. This class utilizes a variety of equipment and class formats include HIIT, Tabata and circuit training. Modifications are offered, making it a great class for all fitness levels.
Man in strength training class

Brick Strength

Brick Strength focuses on building muscle and increasing power. Utilizing strength and resistance equipment each movement requires core strength, joint mobility, and stability. This class is ideal for those who have a fitness foundation and are looking to improve their overall strength.
Women in heated yoga class

Brick Yoga

Our Yoga classes are based on a Vinyasa practice focusing on the synchronization of breath and the continuous flow of movement. It will help you build endurance, flexibility, and mental focus. These classes are offered unheated, warm (80°-90°), and heated (90°-100°) to help increase flexibility and circulation.
Women in Barre Class Overview

Brick Barre

Brick Barre is a low impact, full-body class focusing on strength, balance and flexibility. It combines elements of Pilates, dance, yoga and strength training. You will utilize a ballet bar, resistance bands, light dumbbells, and soft medicine balls throughout each class. No prior experience is needed.
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We are so excited to welcome you back to the gym! Learn more about all we are doing to offer our members a safe and clean environment.