ICPC Salary Structure and Allowance 2023

Understanding the ICPC Salary Structure and Allowance 2023 is very important while applying for your desired position in the Independent Corrupt Practices Commission.

The Independent Corrupt Practices Commission (ICPC) plays a pivotal role in combating corruption and upholding integrity in Nigeria. 

Aspiring candidates seeking to join this distinguished organization often have questions about the ICPC salary structure and allowances offered.

In this article, we will provide a comprehensive guide to understanding the ICPC Salary Structure & Allowance for prospective employees.


The ICPC Salary Structure and Allowance

The remuneration design for ICPC employees in Nigeria is determined by grade levels and other factors similar to those used in the Federal Government’s anti-corruption agency.

Starting with Grade Level 8, Stage 1, entry-level officers at ICPC Nigeria receive a monthly salary of approximately 74,000 Naira, amounting to an annual salary package of just over 800,000 Naira. Those at Grade Level 8, Stage 2, receive a starting monthly payment of N75,000 for their counterparts.

Polytechnic graduates, including HND holders, are placed at Grade Level 7, Stage 1, with a monthly salary of about 50,000 Naira, equivalent to an annual sum of 600,000 Naira. Additionally, their remuneration is supplemented by allowances and incentives.

ICPC Allowances and Benefits

Apart from the ICPC basic salary, ICPC employees enjoy a range of allowances and benefits to enhance their overall compensation package. 

Some common allowances include housing allowance, transport allowance, medical allowance, and leave allowance. These allowances are designed to support employees in meeting their daily needs and maintaining a good work-life balance.

Rank List of the Independent Corrupt Practices Commission

The Independent Corrupt Practices Commission comprises various departments and units, including:

  1. Investigation
  2. Prosecution
  3. Planning and Review
  4. Education and Public Enlightenment
  5. Special Duties
  6. Corruption Monitoring and Evaluation
  7. Chairman’s Special Unit
  8. Special Investigation Team
  9. Financial Investigation Unit
  10. Asset Tracing & Recovery Management Unit, and
  11. Intelligence Security and Support Unit.

The Chairman holds the authority to oversee, direct, and ensure the efficient functioning of the Commission. To facilitate this, the Chairman issues “Standing Orders” as mandated by Section 7(1) of the ICPC Act.

Additionally, the Secretary to the Commission is responsible for managing the Commission’s records, daily administration, and staff supervision, all under the overall guidance of the Chairman.

Supporting these functions are two (2) service departments: the Administration Department and the Finance and Accounts Department.


Joining the ICPC presents a unique opportunity to be part of an organization committed to eradicating corruption and promoting transparency in Nigeria. 

However, understanding the ICPC Salary Structure and Allowance is crucial for aspiring candidates to make informed decisions and align their career goals with the organization’s offerings.

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