NAFDAC Salary Structure and Allowance 2023

Before applying, many candidates seeking to work with NAFDAC inquire about the NAFDAC Salary Structure and Allowance.

NAFDAC Salary Structure and Allowance utilizes the CONRAISS salary scale, similar to other agencies under the Federal Ministry of Health, to remunerate its employees.

The primary focus of this post is to uncover the key motivation: the entry-level salary offered by NAFDAC to its new employees. NAFDAC plays a vital role in regulating and inspecting the sales of packaged water, food, chemicals, and cosmetics in Nigeria.

Employers often withhold information about the compensation structure for new graduate hires, leading to assumptions about the remuneration provided by the employer.


NAFDAC Salary Structure and Allowance for Staff 

Though new entry-level employees may initially earn less than their more experienced counterparts, their NAFDAC Salary Structure and Allowance are expected to grow as they advance in their careers and gain work experience.

The average NAFDAC Salary Structure & Allowance is 137,480 Naira, based on data from 19 NAFDAC staff members. The specific roles available at NAFDAC include Administrative Assistant, Information Technology Manager, Laboratory Analyst, Medical Laboratory Scientist, Pharmacist, and Regulatory Officer.

According to salary disclosures, the gender breakdown at NAFDAC is 57% male and 36% female, with 7% unspecified. Businesses typically do not openly disclose the wage scale structure for new graduate employees, leaving room for estimations about the compensation offered to new hires.

As employees gain experience and progress in their careers, the NAFDAC Salary Structure and Allowance are likely to increase.

NAFDAC Salary Structure

Administrative Assistant ₦100,000 
Information Technology Manager ₦210,000 
Laboratory Analyst ₦116,000 
Medical Laboratory Scientist ₦84,000 
Pharmacist ₦193,000 – ₦263,000 
Regulatory Officer ₦105,000 – ₦158,000  
Senior Accountant ₦156,000  
Biochemist ₦21,000  
Senior Procurement Officer ₦110,000  
Laboratory Technologist ₦122,000  
Quality Assurance Manager ₦225,000  
Registration And Regularization Officer ₦158,000  
Account Officer / Internal Auditor ₦105,000  
Quality Assurance Supervisor ₦21,000  
Intern Pharmacist ₦122,000  
Senior Regulatory Officer ₦129,000 – ₦132,000  
Project Team Lead ₦263,000 

An employee on GL 8 at NAFDAC earns an annual salary of N1,247,854, equivalent to approximately N103,987 per month before pension and tax deductions.

Similarly, an employee on GL 7 receives a yearly salary of N1,073,217, amounting to approximately N89,434 per month before pension and tax deductions.

In addition to their base wages, NAFDAC employees are eligible for certain allowances. These allowances vary based on specific requirements such as years of service, location, and position held. As employees progress in their service, their salaries increase with advancement up the ladder.

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