NCAA Salary Structure and Allowances 2023

In this article, we will delve into the NCAA Salary Structure and Allowances, the compensation scale for recent B.Sc. and HND graduates, along with the essential qualities required for entry-level positions.

This informative piece aims to provide all the necessary details regarding the NCAA Salary Structure and scale for graduate trainees.

On Sunday, our correspondent in Abuja obtained the “Certification” page of the NCAA’s 2013 budget.

According to the document, the management of the NCAA, under the supervision of the Minister of Aviation, was authorized to spend a specified sum from the funds of the NCAA during the year ending 31st December 2013, not exceeding N15,316,850,000.

A copy of this paper was also submitted to the House of Representatives Committee on Aviation. The committee is currently investigating the purchase of N255 million worth of bulletproof vehicles for Ms. Stella Oduah, the Minister of Aviation.

NCAA Salary Structure and Allowances

Below is the evaluation of the NCAA Salary Structure and allowances for different staff levels in 2023.

The agency has a total of nine directors who receive an annual salary of N164.07 million, which is divided into N18.6 million as the base salary and N142.4 million as an allowance.

The Director-General (DG) receives an overall compensation of N22.6 million, consisting of N2.9 million as the base salary and N19.9 million in benefits (allowance).

The combined annual salary of the DG and the top nine directors amounts to N186.7 million. There are 699 employees on salary GLs 7–13, and their annual NCAA Salary Structure total N1.9 billion, with a division of N426.6 million as the basic pay and N1.4 billion as the allowance.

There are 95 employees on GL 7, 168 on GL 8, 139 on GL 9, 76 on GL 10, 141 on GL 12, and 80 on GL 12.


The aggregate annual salary of 200 senior officials on GLs 14–17 amounts to N1.7 billion. The basic NCAA Salary Structure is N245.7 million, while the allowance is N1.4 billion.

Furthermore, the NCAA employs 67 staff workers on GL 14, 62 on GL 15, 52 on GL 16, and 19 on GL 17.

56 employees on GLs 4-6 receive a combined salary of N68.7 million annually, with a basic pay of N13.1 million and an annual allowance of N53.6 million.

Breaking it down further, the 67 employees on GL 14 make a total of N315.6 million, the 62 on GL 15 make N597.6 million, and the 52 on GL 16 make N584.1 million.

The 19 senior officials on GL 17 receive a combined salary of N282.4 million, contributing to the total compensation for this group (GLs 14–17) amounting to N1.7 billion annually.

The 95 employees on GL 7 receive a total of N171.7 million, the 168 on GL 8 receive N363.2 million, and the 139 on GL 9 receive N347.08 million.

The 76 employees on GL 10 receive N222.1 million annually, the 141 on GL 12 receive N548.5 million, and the remaining 80 on GL 13 receive N331.09 million annually, bringing the total for this group of employees (GLs 7–13) to N1.9 billion.

Lastly, the 12 employees on GL 4 receive N12.7 million annually, the 22 on GL 5 receive N26.06 million, and the 22 on GL 6 receive N29.9 million. The total for the category (GLs 4-6) amounts to N68.7 million.


Now that have the knowledge of what the NCAA Salary Structure and allowance entails, you can make the right choice of application and also possess necessary requirements.

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