NDLEA Training Date 2023/2024 Venue and Requirements

The National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) has officially announced the new NDLEA Training Date for successful applicants in the Narcotic Officer cadre and the initial class of the Narcotic Assistant cadre. 

This eagerly awaited information is crucial for all candidates who made it through the recruitment process, as attending the training is mandatory. Failure to report for training within the stipulated timeframe will result in disqualification.

The NDLEA administration has promptly released the NDLEA Training Date and locations for its 2023 recruitment drive. All candidates need to take note of the specific NDLEA training date 2023 assigned to them to ensure compliance and readiness.


In this comprehensive article, we will provide you with all the essential details pertaining to physical training at the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency.

 It is imperative to approach this guide seriously, as it contains critical information about what to expect during the NDLEA physical training.

Preparing adequately for the training will significantly enhance your chances of success and ensure that you are fully equipped to excel in your role within the NDLEA. 

Stay tuned for this comprehensive guide, which will cover all the necessary aspects of the NDLEA Training Date and physical training, setting you on the path to a rewarding and impactful career in drug law enforcement.

National Drug Law Enforcement Agency Training Update

In a statement issued on Thursday, Femi Babafemi, the director of media and advocacy at the NDLEA Headquarters in Abuja, brought important news regarding the training schedule for successful candidates in the 2023 recruitment process. 

Specifically, this update concerns the candidates selected for the Narcotic Officer cadre and the first batch of the Narcotic Assistant cadre.

The previously announced NDLEA Training Date of Saturday, July 17, has been rescheduled. Instead, all successful candidates in the aforementioned categories are now required to report for training at the NDLEA Academy, located in Kotton Rikus, Jos, Plateau State, on Sunday, July 25.

This change in timing has been implemented to allow impacted candidates to celebrate Eid al-Kabir before commencing their training. It reflects the NDLEA’s consideration for the candidates’ religious observance while ensuring a smooth and focused training program.

It is important to note that all the preceding declarations, including the lists of successful candidates and other directives, remain in effect and unchanged, as stated in the official communication.

Successful candidates must diligently prepare for their training at the specified location, adhering to the new date of July 25.

Aspiring officers in the NDLEA can anticipate a rigorous and comprehensive training program at the NDLEA Academy, which will equip them with the necessary skills and knowledge to carry out their responsibilities effectively in the field of drug law enforcement. 

Congratulations to all successful candidates, and we wish them success in their training journey and future endeavours with the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency.

NDLEA Training Requirements 

Applicants who successfully qualify as Narcotic Assistants are required to report to the NDLEA Academy in Jos, specifically at Kotton Rikus. Once selected, candidates must ensure they bring the following items to the training camp:

  1. Original and photocopy of their credentials.
  2. NDLEA online application reference slip.
  3. Four copies of 5×7 colour photographs without cap/hat.
  4. Writing materials, including biro, pencils, rulers, and notebooks.
  5. File jacket, and other necessary materials.

NDLEA Training Date 2023 

We are delighted to inform all applicants who have successfully passed the screening process that the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) invites you to report to your respective training camps. This announcement pertains to all shortlisted candidates.

The NDLEA has set a new deadline for the induction of fresh drug aides. Candidates selected for the second batch of Narcotic Assistant positions are required to report to the designated training grounds on or before the specified date.

For more information regarding the training location and specific qualifications for each candidate, we recommend visiting the official portal at www.ndlea.gov.ng.

Should you have any questions about the NDLEA training dates and locations for successful applicants in 2023, please feel free to use the comment box below, and we will gladly address your inquiries.

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