Nigerian Navy Salary Structure, Ranks and Training Allowances 2023

Anyone interested in working with the Nigerian Navy is expected to also have knowledge of the Nigerian Navy Salary Structure, Ranks and training allowances. Please continue reading as you gain more insight into the subject matter.

The Nigerian Navy stands as a vital pillar of the country’s military, entrusted with the responsibility of safeguarding Nigeria’s territorial waters. Similar to other branches of the military, the Nigerian Navy operates with its unique ranks and pay structures.

Just as we previously elucidated the Nigerian Air Force Salary, Ranks, and Allowances, along with the Nigerian Army Salary, Ranks, and Allowances, we shall now delve into the details of the Nigerian Navy Salary for 2023, along with its ranks and allowances


Nigerian Navy Salary Structure and Ranks 2023

The Nigerian Navy categorizes its ranks into two main groups: Commissioned Officers and Non-Commissioned Officers. In this section, we will delve into the pay scale for Nigerian Navy officers, while the information on non-commissioned officers’ salaries remains undisclosed at present.

Please note that the figures provided below are based on available data for certain ranks within the non-commissioned officers’ category:

  1. Cadet (Training): Yearly salary ranges from N471,038 to N534,773. 
  2. Warrant Officer: Yearly salary ranges from N1,022,320 to N1,192,499. 
  3. Master Warrant Officer: Yearly salary ranges from N1,783,029 to N1,962,697.
  4. Navy Warrant Officer: Yearly salary ranges from N1,908,718 to N2,061,520.

On the other hand, the senior staff of the Nigerian Navy are commissioned officers who receive additional financial rewards for their dedication to serving the nation. The commissioning officer ranks and their corresponding monthly and yearly wages are outlined in the table below:

  1. Admiral: Monthly salary – N1,358,595 / Yearly salary – N16,303,140 
  2. Vice-Admiral: Monthly salary – N1,113,602 / Yearly salary – N13,363,229 
  3. Rear Admiral: Monthly salary – N1,003,245 / Yearly salary – N12,038,945
  4. Commodore: Monthly salary – N615,488 / Yearly salary – N7,385,856 
  5. Captain: Monthly salary – N309,655 / Yearly salary – N3,715,859 
  6. Commander: Monthly salary – N281,674 / Yearly salary – N3,380,086

Please bear in mind that this information is subject to updates and changes in the future. The Nigerian Navy continues to be a vital force in safeguarding the nation’s maritime interests and protecting its waters.

The Hierarchy of Nigerian Navy Ranks

As one of the integral components of the Nigerian Armed Forces, the Nigerian Navy employs a unique pay scale system based on rank and seniority, distinguishing it from the Army and Air Force.

The Nigerian Navy’s rank structure is divided into two tiers: Junior and Senior. Junior ranks occupy the lower positions, while Senior ranks hold the highest positions. Naval officers start their careers at the Junior rank and progress upwards, gaining experience and expertise until they attain the Senior position. 

The Nigerian Navy determines salaries based on these ranks, reflecting the level of responsibility and experience held by its personnel.

Nigerian Navy Training Allowances 

For aspiring candidates considering a career in the Nigerian Navy, it is essential to be aware of the Nigerian Navy Salary Structure, Ranks and allowances provided during the training period.

These allowances help support trainees throughout their training journey. Below are the allowances allocated to trainees in the Nigerian Navy:

  1. Trainees: Approximately N10,000 – 12,000 per month.
  2. Short Service Cadets: Monthly payment ranges from N15,000 to N20,000.
  3. Regular Cadets at Nigerian Defense Academy: Monthly stipend ranges from N25,000 to N30,000 during their training.

These allowances aim to provide financial support to trainees as they undergo rigorous training to become competent and dedicated members of the Nigerian Navy. It is essential for interested candidates to keep these figures in mind as they embark on their journey towards joining this esteemed force.

Is the Compensation for Nigerian Naval Forces Competitive?

When assessing the remuneration of the Nigerian Navy, it becomes evident that it lags behind several other professions in the country, especially considering the current surge in the cost of living.

This discrepancy has led to concerns about the welfare of the maritime force personnel, with some even struggling to meet their basic needs.

In comparison to the salaries offered in developed nations like the United States and Canada, where Naval personnel earn approximately $12,7017, the Nigerian Navy’s compensation falls significantly short.

Even closer to home, the South African Navy’s minimum wage stands at R99,000, a considerably higher amount compared to what the Nigerian government provides.

Regrettably, there are now numerous job opportunities in Nigeria that offer more attractive pay than the Navy, leading to a decline in interest among potential recruits.

To maintain a strong and capable maritime force, it is crucial for the government to address this issue and reevaluate the compensation packages offered to Navy personnel. Failure to do so could potentially result in a decline in recruitment numbers and affect the overall efficiency of the Nigerian Navy.


The Nigerian Navy Salary Structure, Ranks and allowances are designed to motivate and retain skilled individuals who are dedicated to serving their country. 

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