Osun SUBEB Shortlisted Candidates 2023/2024

The Osun SUBEB Shortlisted Candidates Names 2023 PDF is now available. To check if your name is on the shortlist, kindly visit the Osun SUBEB portal,

The Osun SUBEB has released the Final List for the Screening Exercise, which includes the names of the shortlisted applicants who submitted their applications through the Osun SUBEB. 

Once informed of their shortlisting, applicants should commence preparations for the interview.

This article provides comprehensive information on the Osun SUBEB 2023 Shortlisted Candidates, including instructions on how to access or download the list. 

The public has access to the Osun SUBEB portal. To determine if you have been selected for the next stage of the recruitment process, please carefully read all the details on this page.


Has the Osun SUBEB Shortlisted Candidates list been released?

Yes, the Osun SUBEB Shortlisted Candidates have been made public. To access the list, please visit http://subeb.os.gov.ng/. 

All applicants who registered for the recruitment process are encouraged to visit the website and search for their names.

It is important to note that only candidates who met the specified criteria outlined by the Osun SUBEB prior to the recruitment process have been included in the final list of candidates for employment with Osun SUBEB.

Upon finding their names on the Osun SUBEB Shortlist, applicants should check their emails for further information from the Osun SUBEB Supplementary list to know the next steps to follow.

How to Check the Osun SUBEB 2023 Shortlisted Candidates

To access the Osun SUBEB Shortlisted Candidates List 2023, please follow these instructions carefully:

  1. Visit the official customs website at http://subeb.os.gov.ng/.
  2. Log in using your email address, application ID, and password.
  3. Once logged in, navigate to the dashboard and select the “Shortlist” option.
  4. Choose the “Download Shortlist” option.
  5. Open the downloaded file to search for your name in the list.

Applicants who provided their phone numbers and email addresses during the recruitment process will also be contacted through these channels.

It is recommended to check your email accounts for any notifications regarding your shortlisting status for the Osun SUBEB position.

If you are unable to find your name in the current Osun SUBEB Shortlisted Candidates, please await the release of the second batch of applicants’ names.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find Osun SUBEB, Shortlisted Candidates?

Visit SUBEB’s official shortlist website at www.subeb.gov.ng. Log in with your username and password. To find the centre of the home page, scroll down. To view the complete list, click View Shortlisted Candidates

What will be the shortlisted candidates?

Being shortlisted for a job implies that you are among the final candidates for the open position, and the organization will make the ultimate selection from this list.

Why am I not shortlisted?

If your resume fails to be shortlisted, it indicates a need for improvement in your resume’s presentation skills.

Why should I be shortlisted?

Work experience and accomplishments: Highlight a notable achievement from a relevant previous role to demonstrate your ability to achieve similar results for the prospective employer.

Skills and qualifications: Emphasize your relevant skills and qualifications, showcasing how they align with the requirements of the position

How long does it take to hear back after being shortlisted?

Candidates typically receive communication within 1-2 weeks after the closing date, allowing managers to capture a wider range of talent. Certain positions may remain open for a month or longer.

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