ITF Recruitment Form 2023/2024 Application Form and Portal

This article is your comprehensive resource for the ongoing ITF Recruitment 2023. It will provide you with details about the registration process, necessary requirements, and a step-by-step guide on how to successfully apply for this recruitment exercise.

Please take a moment to thoroughly review this information for a deeper understanding.

Are you interested in participating in the ITF Nigeria recruitment for 2023? Are you wondering whether the recruitment process has commenced or when it will start? You’re in the right place.

Within this post, we have meticulously highlighted all the essential information you need to navigate the Industrial Training Fund recruitment for 2023, ensuring your success in the process.


What You Need to Know About ITF

The Industrial Training Fund (ITF) is a Nigerian government agency responsible for promoting and enhancing the skills development of the country’s workforce.

Established in 1971 under the ITF Act, the organization is tasked with providing various training programs and initiatives to equip individuals with the necessary skills for the nation’s industrial and economic growth.

ITF collaborates with industries, businesses, educational institutions, and other stakeholders to design and implement training programs that address skill gaps and enhance employability.

The agency focuses on a wide range of sectors, including manufacturing, technology, agriculture, healthcare, and more.

Key functions of the ITF include:

Training Programs: ITF develops and offers training programs that cater to different skill levels, from entry-level workers to professionals seeking to upgrade their expertise. These programs are designed to align with industry needs and emerging trends.

Apprenticeship: ITF promotes apprenticeship programs, allowing individuals to gain hands-on experience while learning valuable skills. This approach helps bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application.

Skill Acquisition: The agency supports skill acquisition centers across Nigeria, providing accessible training facilities and resources to empower individuals with practical skills that enhance their employability.

Employment Creation: By equipping individuals with relevant skills, ITF contributes to job creation and economic development. Skilled workers are better positioned to contribute to various industries and sectors.

Youth Empowerment: ITF places a strong emphasis on empowering Nigeria’s youth through skill development, entrepreneurship training, and career guidance.

Research and Development: ITF conducts research to identify emerging skill demands and trends, ensuring that their training programs remain relevant and effective.

ITF Recruitment  Application Form 2023

Please be aware that while ITF is not currently actively hiring, the selection process is expected to commence soon.

The application form for ITF is provided at no charge. To access the form, interested candidates should visit the recruitment portal at

Given that the Industrial Training Fund application form is free, we strongly advise applicants to refrain from engaging in any financial transactions related to it.

ITF Recruitment Portal Access

Before you can proceed with your application to the Industrial Training Fund, it’s essential to log in to the application portal.

For the 2023 ITF recruitment exercise, the portal to visit is Here, applicants can log in, access, complete, and submit their job application forms.

Basic Requirements for ITF Recruitment

To be eligible for ITF recruitment, candidates should:

  1. Be Nigerian citizens.
  2. Possess a recognized form of identification, such as a national ID card or a foreign passport.
  3. Have obtained at least five (5) credits in both English Language and Mathematics in no more than two sittings in exams like WAEC, GCE, NECO, or NABTEB.
  4. If you hold an SSCE, you should be between 18 and 35 years old.
  5. Hold an NCE, OND, HND, or a degree.
  6. Demonstrate strong teamwork skills.
  7. Have a clean criminal record.

If you are genuinely interested in joining the Industrial Training Fund, ensure that you carefully adhere to the specified requirements.

How to Apply for ITF Recruitment Successfully

If you’re interested and meet the eligibility criteria for the ITF Recruitment 2023, you need to complete an online application through the ITF Recruitment Website Portal at

It’s crucial to ignore any messages suggesting a specific form to be filled out for ITF recruitment from individuals or groups.

Please be aware that while ITF is not currently actively hiring, the selection process is expected to commence soon.

Additionally, keep a close watch on this page and the ITF website to stay informed about whether this job opportunity has been posted online.

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