NSSF Recruitment 2023/2024 Application Form and Portal

Access the Ongoing NSSF Recruitment 2023 at www.nssf.or.ke/careers. Below are the registration requirements for both Internship and Employee positions at NSSF.

Seize the opportunity to apply for the latest vacancies at the National Social Security Fund by diligently following the straightforward guidelines outlined in this article.

Are you interested in joining Kenya’s National Social Security Fund (NSSF)? Have you been informed that the recruitment process is currently underway?

Indeed, the recruitment process is still active, and you can submit your applications for available positions with NSSF through the online portal at www.nssf.or.ke/careers.

Hence, I recommend dedicating a few moments to peruse this article, as it encompasses all the essential details you need concerning NSSF recruitment in 2023.


Is the NSSF Recruitment Application Open?

Yes, the NSSF Recruitment Job Application Form for the 2023/2024 period is currently accessible. You can submit your application via www.nssf.or.ke/careers.

Feel free to complete the application form and upload the required documents on the designated recruitment portal. If you’re uncertain about where to start, rest assured, we have you covered.

Considering that the Kenya National Social Security Fund (NSSF) is actively seeking new hires, you’re probably curious about the available positions and the corresponding qualifications.

Available Vacancies in the Current National Social Security Fund (NSSF) Recruitment 

Outlined below are three (3) prominent vacancies within the National Social Security Fund. It’s important to highlight that each position comes with distinct prerequisites.

  1. Managing Trustee
  2. Regional Managers
  3. Sales Representatives

Essential Requirements for NSSF Recruitment 2023 

To be considered for this opportunity, the following fundamental conditions must be met:

  1. Kenyan Citizenship: Applicants must be citizens of Kenya.
  2. Valid Identification: A reliable form of identification is a mandatory requirement.
  3. Educational Qualifications: All candidates must have successfully graduated from a reputable Kenyan educational institution.
  4. Character and Ethics: Eligible candidates must possess a commendable character and a willingness to operate in alignment with the organization’s core principles. Relevant years of experience in the respective field are also essential.
  5. Well-Crafted CV: A meticulously prepared curriculum vitae (CV) is expected from each applicant.
  6. Interpersonal and Communication Skills: Strong interpersonal and communication abilities are advantageous traits for qualified candidates.
  7. ICT Proficiency: Proficiency in information and communication technology (ICT) is a favorable attribute for applicants.

These are the overarching prerequisites to consider. Further details specific to each position are delineated to provide a comprehensive understanding of the expectations for every aspiring candidate.

Prerequisites for the Managing Trustee Position 

Furthermore, the essential qualifications for the role of Managing Trustee encompass:

  1. Possession of a master’s degree in disciplines such as economics, law, accounting, or insurance.
  2. Eligible candidates should boast a minimum of ten (10) years of substantial professional experience.
  3. Holding a certificate in leadership or corporate governance is mandatory.

Requirements for Regional Managers 

To be eligible for the role of Regional Manager, candidates must fulfill the following criteria:

  1. Successful completion of studies in fields such as social science, business administration, law, or public relations.
  2. Accumulation of at least twelve (12) years of significant professional experience.
  3. Proficiency in working with computer programs is essential.

How to Apply for NSSF Recruitment 2023 

To participate in the current recruitment drive by the National Social Security Fund (NSSF), carefully follow the steps provided below:

  1. Visit the NSSF careers website at https://www.nssf.or.ke/careers.
  2. Select the specific position you are interested in applying for.
  3. Save your application progress.
  4. Thoroughly review and understand the provided instructions.
  5. Fill out the application form accurately and upload your relevant credentials.
  6. Conduct a comprehensive review of your application to identify and correct any potential errors.
  7. Finally, submit your completed application.

Note: As the NSSF job application process is entirely free of charge, and no payment is required to submit your application, remain vigilant and cautious against any potential fraudulent activities.

Deadline for NSSF Recruitment 2023 Applications 

The closing date for applications for NSSF jobs in 2023 is Monday, February 22, 2023. All applications for available positions must be submitted on or before this specified deadline.

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